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What’s Google Up To? (News, Updates & Changes)

“What are we going to do tonight, Google?”
“The same thing we do every night, Man in Boxers Eating Ice Cream: try and take over the world.”

Since June, we’ve seen a whole lot of movement from Google. We’ve all heard about the $2.7B fine the EU spanked Google with, but what else is new with the still-flourishing company that’s seemingly become the Brain to our Pinky?

GMB Messaging

Photo: support.google.com

Google My Business Mobile Messaging

Our auto dealers rely on the leads they acquire online, and now Google has given them yet another way to connect to potential customers. With the new messaging feature in Google My Business, companies can chat directly with customers who access their business listing page. But how does it work?

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9 Best Sources for Digital Marketing News & Insider Info

After a long and explosively noisy Fourth of July break—thanks to the neighbors, our dogs are still hiding away in the bathtub—we’re back to the SEM grindstone, as bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as can be. Our first series of business upon returning to our desks, however, was to get caught up on all the happenings in the wonderful world of “Digital Marketing.” A lot can happen in a few days, and as famed philosopher Ferris Bueller once said: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

Let’s jump right into the fray. Here are our nine favorite resources for industry news, because life moves too fast, yada yada yada….

1.) Google “The Keyword” Blog

Of course, there’s no better way to get in the know than by listening to what comes out of the horse’s mouth. If you sort through the fluff—the hay, if you’ll indulge me in my attempt to make a Dad Joke—there’s a great deal of info to be had from Google’s blog. I tend to sort through blog topics that interest me and fall in line with our industry, such as “Machine Learning,” “Made by Google,” and “Ads,” to name a few.

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Digital Marketing Stats Every Auto Dealer Should Know

1 Billion – Websites on the internet.

100 Billion – Google searches per month.

1 – Dealership site you care about. And we don’t blame you! But beating out all your competitors to the top of those billions of searches and websites is no cakewalk. As you decide how to best position your dealership for continued success, consider these digital marketing stats and how they affect you (if you aren’t sure, it’s time to speak with us).

Digital Touchpoints

80% of Shopping Touchpoints are Digital

About 24 touchpoints stand between the user’s initial car-shopping phase and a visit to your dealership lot, and 19 of them are digital. The major touchpoints include the following:

  • Google or search engine query
  • OEM website
  • Financing calculator
  • Google reviews of local dealership
  • Dealership website
  • Ads
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5 Examples of How a Dealership Should Respond to Online Reviews

We’ve already shown how important customer testimonials are for your dealership’s site—TL;DR: car shoppers are over 90% more likely to click your site if you have positive ratings—but online reviews are a two-way street. To make the most of your newfound stars, you need to invest energy into responding to complaints and compliments alike. In fact, 26% of online consumers feel that it’s essential for a local business to reply to their customers’ issues, and you don’t want to disappoint them, do you?

Replying to Online Reviews

Then why is it that over two-thirds of dealership reviews remain unanswered? Cars.com analyzed the reply rate of each state’s major dealerships, concluding that, yes, a higher rate of response correlates with higher dealer star ratings. For instance, Delaware dealers respond on average to 6 out of 10 reviews, which results in an extraordinary aggregate rating of 4.7 (out of 5). At the opposing pole are South Dakota dealerships, which reply to just 10% of reviews, resulting in a 3.9 rating. That’s inexcusable, South Dakotans!

As a digital marketing company primarily working with auto dealers, we understand how tedious this seemingly innocuous process may feel. But replying to online reviews allows you to capitalize on other dealerships’ missed opportunities—and shows potential buyers that you’re not just a lot filled with metal, rubber, and robots in tan suits. Here are the top 5 examples of how a customer-focused dealership should handle both positive and negative reviews.

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Google Search Partners: Good or Bad for Your PPC Campaigns?

Our Opportunity Max family has spent years in front of the computer screen, analyzing and optimizing hundreds and thousands of AdWords campaigns and ad groups, all to help our clients succeed in the digital marketplace. Over those years, we’ve closely followed the debate over Google’s Search Partners.

  • Are they good or bad?
  • What are the benefits?
  • Should they be optimized separately in their own campaigns or groups?

Now the verdict is in, and we’d like to shed some light on this discussion with the only data we trust—hard data.

PPC Search Partners - Good or Bad

What Are “Search Partners”?

Search Partners are primarily composed of companies that opt into Google’s program; in exchange for ad space, the companies receive a small percentage of click revenue—it’s almost like Affiliate Marketing, but on a larger scale.

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The Creative Writer’s Way of Making a Content Calendar

If you’re anything like me as a writer—may God have mercy on your soul—people-watching is your fingers-to-keyboard gold. You excel at drawing out the interesting from the mundane, crafting fictional characters from nonfiction, eavesdropping your way into tales spun from invisible storytelling thread. It’s the creative thinker in you, and it has its place in the world of blogging and marketing as much as it does in your daydreams. Because content, no matter its form or presentation, is all about standing in someone else’s shoes, seeing the world with another person’s peepers, or any other idiomatic turn of phrase to reflect “empathy.”

Content Calendar

And isn’t that our goal as content kingpins: To understand our characters as well as our readers? In this post, we’re going to swim around in my Mind Palace, where my creative and professional sides mingle and give birth to what I like to call “Fictional/Nonfictional User Stories.” I just made that up, but whatever we call it, it’s going to help you develop a content calendar around reader personas that may actually exist. Yay.

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Are Google Page Images Ranking Factors?

Here’s a quick one for all of you in SEOville. According to CognitiveSEO’s months-old post, Google has started utilizing its “automatic object recognition” algorithm to analyze images—perhaps all in an effort to ascertain the image’s category and how it relates to the content it’s complementing. But will this new process affect overall site rankings?

Not so fast. Let’s first see how this all works.

Dog with Hat Image

Photo: research.googleblog.com

Image Object Detection Methods

In Google’s infancy, keyword-rich ALT tags were like SEO arrows that pointed to what the page was about—and it could certainly affect your rank. While we’ve evolved past that point, ALT text has continued to be a tried-and-true method of organizing and optimizing a page. With Google’s new method of object detection, ALT text will definitely play a smaller part in a much larger production.

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Do Google Reviews Help Your Click-Through Rate?

TL;DR answer: Yes.

Long answer: Yes, according to recent data from BrightLocal’s Consumer Review Survey. In it, 91% of those surveyed stated that they read online reviews before calling or visiting a local business. Perhaps more telling is the fact that 56% of those surveyed base their click on a company’s star rating, meaning several 1-star reviews might be the difference between a click and a shoo.

Google Reviews CTR
Photo: brightlocal.com


Let’s dive into the deep(er) end of this pool of thought.

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Most Important Search Ranking Factors for 2017 (Part II)

In part I of this blog series we discussed the key search ranking factors to get your site in a local map pack. Today, we’re branching off into a similar territory by discussing which signals might be influencing your organic positioning in standard local-area search queries.

Ranking Factors 2017

  1. Inbound Linking – 29%

Moz’s Surveyed experts identified that links coming to your site have undeniable power in SERP positioning. Totaling over a quarter of the vote, signals like keyword-branded anchor text, domain authority, and a variety of inbound links all make a difference.

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