Christmas tree

Christmas is a time of age-old traditions. According to, good ole St. Nick has been sneaking down chimneys and leaving gifts in stockings since the 4th century, and many of our Christmas rituals (Mistletoe, Christmas Trees, etc.) can be traced back just as far. For well over 1500 years Christmas has always been about being home, surrounded by family, exchanging gifts and showing thanks for all of the amazing people and blessings in our lives.

It’s cool to think that we have continued these storied celebrations and traditions for so long, but at some point, it is natural to start wondering if there may be a different way to do things. Each year parents run around from store to store, spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on gifts for their loved ones and wondering if they will even like it or not.

They spend hours laboring over a huge feast, then even more hours cleaning it up. The kids open up their presents then disappear to their rooms to play with them alone. It just seems like Christmas should be less work and more reward.

Don’t get us wrong, Christmas is the greatest time of the year and very few things in the world give us as much joy as relaxing with the family and celebrating our comfortable traditions with the people we love most, but if you are looking for an alternative to the yearly routine then we have just the idea for you!

Christmas Ice SkatingDestination Christmas

Christmas is all about spending time with family, right? Well, who said you have to be home to do that? This year why not save the stress, time and money that goes into buying presents, and instead book a flight out of town?

You’ve seen all of the Christmas lights in your town 100 times over, and they will always be there next year. Meanwhile, New York lights up like no other place around the holidays and would be a dreamlike experience for the kids. Sure, they might be bummed to miss out on presents this year, but Christmas was never supposed to be about receiving material items anyways. It’s about enjoying the company of your family and showing thanks for the life you are leading.

Christmas in Hawaii would be an experience they never forget, or try a totally different country if you are feeling extra adventurous! Wouldn’t it be cool to see how people from different cultures celebrate the holidays? Give it a shot, and share your experiences with us in the comments!

Serving the Poor on ChristmasChristmas in Service of Others

Christmas is such a magical time; you spend days with everyone you love, receive amazing gifts, get the satisfaction of giving other people gifts, experience their joy, and share huge feasts with family and friends—but not everybody can be so lucky.

The holiday spirit teaches us that it is our duty to care for those less fortunate than ourselves, and what better way to do that than to spend Christmas Day in service? Spend the day passing out winter coats to the homeless, sponsor a family without the means to afford Christmas gifts, or put in a few hours at the local soup kitchen. You will feel so much more fulfilled and joyful knowing you have made a significant difference in someone else’s life. That is what the magic of Christmas is all about!

No Presents Christmas

The kids will almost surely be opposed to this idea, but can you imagine all of the amazing things you could do on Christmas day if you didn’t spend all of your budget on gifts? Challenge your family to get creative and think of the experiences they would like to have in the place of presents.
Horse-drawn Carriage


Go see a movie, dine at the nicest restaurant in the area, take a limo ride to all of the coolest places in the city, or even drive out to the country and cut down your own Christmas tree. The potential for adventure is endless and the memories will last a lifetime. Presents are nice, but they are just things that wear out over time. Break from the mold this year and fulfill all of your Christmas dreams. You can always go back to the familiar traditions next year; this year is for something special!