I was but a young lad when my father bought our family’s first cell phone – a bulky, indestructible son-of-a-gun that has been posthumously named “The Rhino.”

But my dad, rest his soul, was not what you’d call “technologically inclined.” He butt-dialed a lot, and this was years before butt-dialing even became part of society’s lexicon. Ultimately, all that butt-dialing led him to curse [company whose name rhymes with “Boat-arola”] for designing a phone with such terrible battery life. (*Sometime in 1997, The Rhino suspiciously found its way into the trash bin – but perhaps that’s another tale for another day.)

CRM Consultancy Dealer Coaching

My riveting life story is related to automotive consulting and CRM coaching, I promise. (Skip to the “4 Reasons Why the Future of Dealer CRM Consultancy is 100% Virtual”).

Adapting to new trends and technology can feel like a burden, especially for people who are very much set in their ways, like my dad. Shaking things up, blowing away cobwebs, taking breaths of fresh air: These are not mottos by which the “non-technologically inclined” live. We like things just the way they are, thank you very much. (Like father, like son, huh?)

Sometimes, however, clever technology comes along and weaves its way into the natural fabric of life, offering conveniences that we simply cannot turn away. In these instances, new technology can be quite exciting — life-affirming, really. Just think about where we’d be without smartphones, how we’d go about interacting with friends in lieu of text messages, what we’d do in the bathroom without reddit. It’d be a miserable, medieval-y existence.

Now it’s time to fulfill my promise. Having helped hundreds if not thousands of dealers develop good CRM strategies over the years, we’ve concluded, without a shadow of a doubt, that virtual dealership consultancy is set to replace traditional, in-store dealership coaching programs. Are you prepared for the change?

Virtual Automotive Consulting > Traditional Dealership Coaching

Back in the old days, managers at dealerships would invite coaches to their store for sales training. And everyone loved having that one-on-one time to go over sales efficiency, selling techniques, and, in some instances, CRM strategy. However, in-store consulting also meant a lot of lost revenue; managers would have to pull everyone off the floor for an entire day and spend a lot of money on superfluous things.

Today’s online dealership coaching options are far more cost-effective and convenient for managers and sales staff. Here are the main benefits of virtual CRM coaching:

1. Cost

With basic store training, you’re buying more than just the expertise of a professional CRM or sales coach – you’re also paying for them to live like royalty for a day or two. In a typical scenario, managers would pay for dealer consulting services, as well as airfare, hotels, per diems, steak dinners, and drinks. Multiply that by how many coaches you’ve hired, then add another zero onto the invoice, for good measure.

Virtual auto dealer training will make your store’s bottom line happier. You don’t have to open the piggy bank for filet mignon, first-class plane tickets, and four-star accommodations. You’ll just pay a fraction of the cost for that personal one-on-one relationship, CRM analyses, insightful training videos, and a CRM coach who cares about your numbers (because your success is your coach’s success).

2. Frequency

Traditional coaching is fairly infrequent – managers can expect a consultant or coach to visit their store once a month, if not once a quarter. Although this worked well 30 years ago, it’s an ineffective approach in today’s fast-paced world. (How can you keep tabs on current trends and nip problem areas in the bud early enough?)

Virtual CRM Advisors, however, are in your system every week, monitoring KPIs, tracking your progress toward sales goals, and assessing your current customer relationship management process and strategy. Our coaches are the Spanish conquistadors to your Queen Isabella of Castile. We venture deep into the data to discover issues and deliver solutions, then touch base with you to discuss our findings and tell you exactly what’s needed to conquer new lands (a.k.a. make more sales).

3. Customizable

Similarly, because they’re in your system so often, virtual coaches are consistently able to cater their coaching sessions to touch on your dealership’s specific concerns, often in real-time.

Every meeting, whether that’s once a week or several times a month, our CRM Advisors will harp on action items that are pertinent to your store and sales team. We offer advice and tips to improve your CRM contact management processes, qualify leads, identify opportunities, and ramp up those closing ratios.  We’ll also play teacher and point out particular customer interactions from within your CRM that can be used as potential learning opportunities.

Essentially, we leave the canned responses and “get better” mantras at the door – only fresh insights are served here.

4. Flexibility

The biggest drawback of traditional automotive consulting is its inherent inflexibility. Once a consultant steps foot on your showroom floor, your team is in for a full day of training, which means – you guessed it – fewer cars being sold and driven off the lot. Quality process-improvement training is important, but not at the expense of your store’s expenses. It’s not difficult to see why this training model is slowly being phased out.

With virtual sales coaching, you won’t dedicate an entire afternoon to training. Instead, you can split up your staff training sessions over the course of a few days or weeks. How? Before or after your weekly meetings with our CRM Advisors, you’ll receive short, easily digestible videos that highlight your store’s performance and review significant dealership-wide concerns.

These video insight sessions are particularly great teaching tools, as they allow managers to identify which salespeople are struggling due to potential gaps in sales or CRM training. Our online consultants will then provide the next steps to fill in those gaps. All in a day’s work.

Is Internet Sales Coach Right for You?

By now, you’ve figured out that Opportunity Max offers virtual CRM coaching (watch the YouTube video above). We call it Internet Sales Coach, or ISC, and it’s one of our many bread-and-butter dealer consulting services that help dealers cut through the clutter to see how their store is really performing. If you like running a tight (dealer)ship, we invite you to come try it out. Contact us to learn more about ISC, and let’s make the digital age work for you.


*No phones were harmed in the making of this blog.