5 New Paid Search Updates from Google AdWords & Bing

Opportunity Max is here to give you the down-low on the latest updates in the paid search world over the past few weeks. Be sure to check back, as we will inform you of any impacts caused by these recent updates.


1. Bing Advertisers – Now Able to Automatically Sync Google AdWords Campaigns

Bing continues to improve their platform by finding ways to help simplify managing pai.d search campaigns. If you are managing a Google AdWords account plus a Bing account, it can be difficult to ensure that you’re making adjustments to both accounts – let alone terribly time-consuming.

Now advertisers no longer have to remember to update ad copy, budgets, extensions, sitelinks, keywords, etc. on both accounts. You are now able to schedule automatic imports straight from your AdWords account. Keep in mind that you can import all or only specific campaigns depending on your paid search strategy for Bing.

Save some valuable time by following these few steps:

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Digital Marketing from Opportunity Max: Our PPC Package

Last month we reviewed the services and products you can expect with Opportunity Max’s SEO package. This month we are going to go into depth about our Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising package.

Our Paid Search Specialists develop a search engine marketing strategy customized for your dealership’s needs and goals by building your campaign strategy from scratch, ensuring a hand-crafted approach. Our experts optimize paid search campaigns to target appropriate shoppers and bring more relevant traffic to your website that converts into leads. Opportunity Max is here to make it easier for your dealership to turn those leads into sales.

Opportunity Max PPC Services


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8 Holiday Marketing Ideas for Your Dealership

The holidays are a great time of year to spread joy and give thanks to all of your loyal customers, as well as reaching out and building relationships with potential new clients. Take this opportunity to celebrate this year by participating in the following holiday marketing ideas from Opportunity Max, the digital marketing experts!


  1. Touch Up Your Website

  • Add holiday cheer to your site by creating banners and unique artwork.
  1. Add Holiday Touches to Your Display Paid Search Advertising

That time of year is here – the peak of online shopping, so make sure your online marketing strategy is in place so you can maximize your opportunities to increase sales.

  • Add creative visuals to your pay-per-click display ads that match the theme on your website.
  • Promote holiday specials by advertising current purchase and lease deals.
  • Stay in front of your clients by utilizing display remarketing ads and adjust your paid search marketing budget accordingly.

If you are not currently running any paid search ads for the holidays, you might want to get started immediately. You’re missing out on some great opportunities to increase sales! Visit us online for more info about paid search marketing.

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Digital Marketing from Opportunity Max: Our SEO Package

You might be wondering who we are, what we do, and how we are different from many SEO companies out there. You also might be wondering what to expect from our SEO services if you joined forces with our team today. Well, we are going to get straight to the point.

Opportunity Max is not only here to tell you what you are doing right or wrong, could be doing better, or what you need to focus on to be competitive in your market; bottom line, we are here to help you improve sales by fixing what is not working well. We are here to make your company grow, meet your goals and offer continued coaching to help you stay on top of your game in this ever-changing market.

Opportunity Max SEO Services

  1. Clear, Concise, Transparent Reporting


Mid-Month: You’ll receive clear, concise, and transparent reporting directly from Google Analytics on your top metrics, so you can stay on top of how your website is performing.

Monthly: You’ll receive a detailed report reviewing your key metrics. These key metrics will help you understand how your website is working for you, what changes are needed, where you could use improvements, etc. You will find a recap of your wins, as well as any recommendations, changes, action plans, and completed items that were performed.

Quarterly: Each quarter, you and your designated SEO specialist will have a live online meeting to review your metrics for the past quarter, go over any strategy recommendations, and discuss where your website is ranking for your high-volume keywords. This is also a perfect time to discuss any changes in your store, focus areas, goals, strategies for upcoming months, etc.

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Better Your Ads With Sitelinks & The New Tracking Feature in Google Analytics

Google has said that sitelinks are believed to boost the average click through rate on an ad by 10 – 20% (+20 – 50% when it is a branded search). If you are running paid advertising, hopefully you are taking advantage of these sitelinks. Consider them just as important as anything else – URL, title, and the description.

Ensure that you’re linking to the most important or frequently viewed pages that your customers visit. Even if the CTR is low, you may still find that these pages are very useful for your customers; for example, your Hours & Directions page.


Choose at least six sitelinks for desktop and four sitelinks for mobile. Sitelinks allow 25 characters for the link text alone; however, studies have shown that shorter sitelinks seem to perform better. Try to keep your link text at 18 – 20 characters for desktop and 12 – 15 characters for mobile.

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How an Effective FAQ Page Can Help with Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Customers will see the value in your website if it provides answers to the questions you already know they’re going to ask. FAQs on your website can benefit your car dealership in many ways:

  1. Creates a better user experience.
  2. Assists with SEO marketing strategies.
  3. Opportunity to increase leads and social sharing.
  4. Help you understand shopper behavior.



FAQs You May Have

Q: How Can This Create a Better User Experience?

A: People love FAQ pages – You know the questions that are being asked at your dealership every day, whether it be a customer calling on the phone or stopping by your dealership; so why not try to save everyone time and frustration? By having an FAQ page on your website, it will help shoppers find the information they want to know quickly, and maybe even answer some unknown questions that could lead them closer to making a sale.

Q: How Can This Help with My SEO?

A: Search engines love FAQ pages – One of the best reasons to have FAQs on your website is for search engines. Good content will help improve ranking on Google and Bing. By having FAQs on your website, you are creating more opportunities for your content to get discovered. Just think: you are providing a wealth of information in an interesting way.

It will give you the opportunity to use your keywords and ask questions just like your customers would ask when they perform a search. You can also use anchor text in the answers that link to relevant content on other pages of your website. By doing this, it will improve page usability and internal deep linking efforts.

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Meet OppMax Local & Improve Your Online Listings

OppMax Local is designed to help you stay on top of your local business listings that can be crucial to your online rankings while also providing accurate information that your customers are seeking in Google search results. The purpose of OppMax Local is to align, enhance, and monitor online business listings that appear in search engine result pages. OppMax is partnered with over 65+ online directories, maps, and apps to help ensure that your business is correctly listed online. Having the wrong information listed will not only prevent customers from visiting your business, but it can also have a huge impact on Organic and Local Search!

Here is more about what OppMax Local can do for your business:

  1. Align – Opportunity Max will publish your business information everywhere and on every device with the most established and popular search engines, maps, apps and directories across the United States.
  2. Enhance – Our team will suppress your duplicate business listings, so consumers never see incorrect or incomplete addresses or contact information. We will also enhance your business listings by showcasing photos, videos, business description, business hours and holiday hours, staff bios, product and service lists, and more than a dozen other fields alongside basic name, address, phone number (NAP).
  3. Monitor – Our digital marketing experts will monitor your online business listings regularly as things can quickly change. Monitoring your online business listings gives you the opportunity to listen to your customers across every OppMax Local site that supports them, including Yelp, Facebook, CitySearch, Google+ and more! You will get quick custom notifications new reviews, search reviews, and be able to analyze how customer feedback varies over time and across locations.
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Why Did My Website Traffic Decline?


Do you see traffic declines from organic or paid search in Google Analytics? Opportunity Max is here to give you insights on what to look for if you start seeing traffic declines. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as picking up the phone and asking Google why your traffic or rankings have decreased. It could be a simple finding, or it could take a lot of research and time to find out what the cause is.

  1. Evaluate Google Search Landscape Changes

We’ve been seeing quite a few landscape changes within the last few years, and these high-impact changes to the search engine result pages can have an effect visibility and traffic.

Google’s most recent update will now show four paid search ads for particular search queries, which will push organic results further “below the fold.” This landscape change has also done away with ads on the right-hand side of search results. We will have more to come on this update and the effect it has had.

Not so long ago, Google started showing three paid ads for mobile search, which effectively eliminated organic results from showing “above the fold” on mobile devices. For some brands, a decline in mobile traffic occurred.

Last year, Google also made a change to how many local search results it displayed. Google now shows three businesses, compared to the previous seven business lights. Find out more on The Google Snack Pack update today.

The changes made to Google’s search landscape can have an enormous impact on traffic and where your business is showing up on the first page.

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5 Digital Marketing Goals for Auto Dealers for The New Year


  1. Update all department goals.

Don’t strive to hit the same milestones. Make sure you’re increasing your goals in every department. Whether it be offering a larger incentive to your team for better customer service feedback, or increasing the number of reviews you want to obtain every month. Increase your goals in all areas – Service Center, Finance, New and Used Sales, Collision Center, Parts Center, Receptionist, Internet Manager, etc.

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