While both Google Analytics and AdWords give you a plethora of reporting capabilities and insights that you can use to optimize your campaigns and website, it’s even better when you pair the already stellar tools. Link up your accounts and optimize them for more insight on your bidding strategy, campaign performance, and more. Here are some quick tips to get you started; for more information, check out Google’s handy guides on sharing metrics and analyzing your performance.


Linking Analytics and AdWords

First things first — you’ve got to make sure your accounts are linked before scouring all the data you’ve got. Follow Google’s simple guide to link your accounts; it’s so easy even an intern could do it!

Pulling Analytics Data into AdWords

Once you’ve got your accounts linked, you can start to pull Analytics data and metrics into your AdWords accounts. If you’ve created goals or ecommerce transactions in Analytics, you can pull those into AdWords for tracking and optimization. Don’t stop there! Create custom, specific Remarketing lists within Analytics and import them into AdWords to be used for bid adjustments, remarketing campaigns, and as audiences. Lastly, Smart Lists created in Analytics will allow you to target visitors who are most likely to convert, giving your campaigns a one-up on your competition.

Tracking AdWords in Analytics

The benefits don’t stop there. With your accounts linked, you can auto-tag your ads in AdWords, which gives you the added benefit of more detailed reports within Analytics. On top of that, you’ll be able to segment your findings in Analytics, so you can dig deeper into the behavior of your audience and figure out what really makes them tick. If you’ve ever wondered how you compare to the competition, Benchmarking reports can show you how you stack up to industry standards. With the analyzing power of Analytics on top of your AdWords data, you’ll be streamlining your campaigns in no time.

Link It Up!

There are so many benefits to reap once you link your AdWords and Analytics accounts. If you need help with AdWords, Analytics, or anything else related to Digital Marketing, don’t hesitate to reach out to the experts at OppMax—we’re always happy to help!