Lead Management: How Good Dealers Measure The Most Vital Metrics

Common sense dictates that you can’t manage and improve upon something without first knowing what needs to be managed and improved. This is true of all forms of digital marketing, but it’s particularly significant when we discuss the most crucial metrics pertaining to dealership lead management. Why? Because some CRM metrics are more important to measure than others; basic KPIs like CLV and clickthrough rates aren’t as critical for auto dealers to track as, say, appointment or closing ratios.

Lead Management Metrics to Measure

So, how do you define the most vital metrics for dealerships to track? And, most importantly, how does one even measure the right lead management KPIs? Let’s see how deep this rabbit hole goes.

What Lead Management KPIs Must Car Dealers Monitor?

Quality Response & Response Time (Time to Convert)

Most dealers know about the critical 72-hour window to turn a lead into a sale. But that window closes a smidge with each passing year, as the newest crops of shoppers—shoppers of the younger, I-want-it-now generation, that is—expect more urgency from their chosen dealership. If dealers aren’t sending timely first responses, either by text, email, or phone, those leads are likely to dry up in mere hours. So, measure your response times in seconds and minutes, not hours or days.

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4 Reasons Why the Future of Dealer CRM Consultancy is 100% Virtual

I was but a young lad when my father bought our family’s first cell phone – a bulky, indestructible son-of-a-gun that has been posthumously named “The Rhino.”

But my dad, rest his soul, was not what you’d call “technologically inclined.” He butt-dialed a lot, and this was years before butt-dialing even became part of society’s lexicon. Ultimately, all that butt-dialing led him to curse [company whose name rhymes with “Boat-arola”] for designing a phone with such terrible battery life. (*Sometime in 1997, The Rhino suspiciously found its way into the trash bin – but perhaps that’s another tale for another day.)

CRM Consultancy Dealer Coaching

My riveting life story is related to automotive consulting and CRM coaching, I promise. (Skip to the “4 Reasons Why the Future of Dealer CRM Consultancy is 100% Virtual”).

Adapting to new trends and technology can feel like a burden, especially for people who are very much set in their ways, like my dad. Shaking things up, blowing away cobwebs, taking breaths of fresh air: These are not mottos by which the “non-technologically inclined” live. We like things just the way they are, thank you very much. (Like father, like son, huh?)

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CRM Tips: How To Manage Duplicate Leads In VinSolutions & Make More Sales

The choice in CRM makes or breaks a dealership – this is an undebatable fact, like helium being lighter than air or how cats will suck the souls out of newborns when threatened – as a quality CRM allows dealers to truly maximize their potential to convert leads into sales.

Indeed, a good CRM is quite a powerful sales tool – when used properly. The best dealers utilize it in any number of ways: to engage with customers, manage relationships, review reports to uncover additional efficiencies. Yes, some will even go to great lengths to review their duplicate leads.

However, the reality is most stores simply aren’t doing that, nor are they taking full advantage of their software to address common problems with poor staff performance and improper lead handling. (Our analysts and coaches see these issues every day in auditing clients’ CRM usage.)

In our short how-to video and the written tips below, our very own Dealer Operations Analyst, Matt Trudell – enjoy your 15 minutes, bud – showcases ways in which your dealership can make the most of VinSolutions’ Lead History software to locate and assess duplicate leads. Mr. Trudell, take it away. (That means click the image below to watch the video.)


VinSolutions: Understanding the Lead History Tools

First things first, you’ll want to get acquainted with the VinSolutions platform and its various sections. VinSolutions is a great piece of software, and one of the benefits it gives you is the ability to find and link to a customer’s lead history and pertinent details – from many, many accessible places within the CRM.

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Study Of 1000+ Car Dealers Raises Concerns About Industry’s Lead Handling Issues

We made a thing. It’s the most interesting thing in the world, a thing from which legends are born. It’s a thing that could scale Mount Everest, chug through the gallon-milk challenge, solve the climate change crisis.

Of course, the thing to which we’re referring is our lead-handling white paper, “Three Pain Points Preventing Dealerships from Customer Experience & Sales Success.” In it, we discuss the (surprise!) 3 common pain points that dealers experience the most when the chips are down. Backed by science – we conducted a comprehensive 8-month-long study of over 1,000 U.S. auto dealerships’ lead-handling capabilities – and broken down in laymen’s terms, the white paper dissects the major problems that limit dealers’ conversions, as well as solutions that may kick sales back into the black.

Dealer Lead Handling Pain Points

The data is pretty jarring. Here’s a brief overview of the more staggering, salient, and sometimes salacious statistics we uncovered. (Or you could just download the full white paper for free here.)

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Importance of Customer Sourcing

Car shopping can be a long, drawn-out, tedious process for the consumer and the dealership. During the purchase funnel a consumer visits dozens of websites, hears countless ads, and is given nearly unlimited advice from their coworkers and families; all of which influence the final decision. At the same time, the dealership is pushing inventory to numerous inventory listing sites, spending thousands on digital and traditional advertising, and keeping up with an ever-evolving sales process.


There are a tremendous amount of moving parts on both sides of the car buying process. Unfortunately, the marketing and sales teams are more often focused on a small percentage of folks, those consumers who submit a lead online or call the dealership while shopping.  A recent Cox Automotive study shows that only 15% of car buyers send a lead to a dealership before purchasing. Nonetheless, this is a strikingly low figure considering how much focus and strategy go into lead generation. What about the other 85% of car buyers, what are they doing before they come to the dealership?

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5 Tips To Optimize Your CRM

Are you getting the most out of your CRM? For most companies, the sheer size and ability of CRM systems is enough to overwhelm. It doesn’t have to be that way though. Follow our simple tips and your CRM will be running smoothly in no time. Even if you’re running your business completely on your own, implementing the best crm for solopreneurs will help you run a smooth marketing system that will effectively drive sales.


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Teach From The Top

A lot of VPs and CEOs complain that their sales personnel don’t properly use their CRM, while they themselves don’t use it. Whether it’s CRM usage or pretty much anything else having to do with processes in running a business, it’s important to lead by example. An Executive with proper knowledge of their CRM can be a resource for their employees and increase adoption company-wide.

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