4 Reasons Why the Future of Dealer CRM Consultancy is 100% Virtual

I was but a young lad when my father bought our family’s first cell phone – a bulky, indestructible son-of-a-gun that has been posthumously named “The Rhino.”

But my dad, rest his soul, was not what you’d call “technologically inclined.” He butt-dialed a lot, and this was years before butt-dialing even became part of society’s lexicon. Ultimately, all that butt-dialing led him to curse [company whose name rhymes with “Boat-arola”] for designing a phone with such terrible battery life. (*Sometime in 1997, The Rhino suspiciously found its way into the trash bin – but perhaps that’s another tale for another day.)

CRM Consultancy Dealer Coaching

My riveting life story is related to automotive consulting and CRM coaching, I promise. (Skip to the “4 Reasons Why the Future of Dealer CRM Consultancy is 100% Virtual”).

Adapting to new trends and technology can feel like a burden, especially for people who are very much set in their ways, like my dad. Shaking things up, blowing away cobwebs, taking breaths of fresh air: These are not mottos by which the “non-technologically inclined” live. We like things just the way they are, thank you very much. (Like father, like son, huh?)

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How to Improve Your Dealership Homepage & Drive More Leads

Your dealership’s website makes a difference, even though a growing number of consumers utilize Google’s information (schema) over your site’s. But there are ways to help put your homepage in the driver’s seat and on track to generate more traffic and leads.

Increase Homepage Traffic

First things first: If your homepage isn’t up to snuff, your visitors will quickly disengage. A good homepage should absolutely display the following details prominently:

  • An intuitive navigation bar that focuses on the juiciest major keywords. This must also be mobile-friendly.
  • A phone number that matches with what is listed in Google and other search engines and directories.
  • An address (also must match) with clickable directions.
  • Your dealership’s hours should be visible, as this is one of the most viewed details in Google.
  • A search bar.
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12 Ways To Spot Fake Online Reviews

The widespread proliferation of fake online reviews is becoming a serious problem for legitimate businesses. Recently, Amazon was in the news for suing more than 1,000 people accused of writing positive online reviews in exchange for money. And if Amazon is concerned, you should be, too.

fake real road sign

Consumers Wary Of Fake Online Reviews

According to NBC News, the research organization Mintel found that 57% of those surveyed indicated that they are suspicious of companies or products that only have positive online reviews. Moreover, 49% believe that most companies offer financial incentives for writing positive reviews.

There’s even a word for it: “Astroturfing.” Just like fake grass, it’s sometimes difficult to tell if the online review is real unless you examine it up close.

money on keyboard

Whether it’s Cars.com, Yelp, the Better Business Bureau, Google, or many other consumer review websites, the number of charlatans getting paid to pose as authentic reviewers is growing exponentially. This downright chicanery makes it difficult for anyone engaged in a legitimate business to leverage the positive benefits of good user reviews and to defend against bad reviews which may have been planted by an unscrupulous competitor.

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8 Holiday Marketing Ideas for Your Dealership

The holidays are a great time of year to spread joy and give thanks to all of your loyal customers, as well as reaching out and building relationships with potential new clients. Take this opportunity to celebrate this year by participating in the following holiday marketing ideas from Opportunity Max, the digital marketing experts!


  1. Touch Up Your Website

  • Add holiday cheer to your site by creating banners and unique artwork.
  1. Add Holiday Touches to Your Display Paid Search Advertising

That time of year is here – the peak of online shopping, so make sure your online marketing strategy is in place so you can maximize your opportunities to increase sales.

  • Add creative visuals to your pay-per-click display ads that match the theme on your website.
  • Promote holiday specials by advertising current purchase and lease deals.
  • Stay in front of your clients by utilizing display remarketing ads and adjust your paid search marketing budget accordingly.

If you are not currently running any paid search ads for the holidays, you might want to get started immediately. You’re missing out on some great opportunities to increase sales! Visit us online for more info about paid search marketing.

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Importance of Customer Sourcing

Car shopping can be a long, drawn-out, tedious process for the consumer and the dealership. During the purchase funnel a consumer visits dozens of websites, hears countless ads, and is given nearly unlimited advice from their coworkers and families; all of which influence the final decision. At the same time, the dealership is pushing inventory to numerous inventory listing sites, spending thousands on digital and traditional advertising, and keeping up with an ever-evolving sales process.


There are a tremendous amount of moving parts on both sides of the car buying process. Unfortunately, the marketing and sales teams are more often focused on a small percentage of folks, those consumers who submit a lead online or call the dealership while shopping.  A recent Cox Automotive study shows that only 15% of car buyers send a lead to a dealership before purchasing. Nonetheless, this is a strikingly low figure considering how much focus and strategy go into lead generation. What about the other 85% of car buyers, what are they doing before they come to the dealership?

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Online Reputation Starts in the Dealership

Online reputation is continuing to increase in value, for the consumer, and for search engine optimization. Although we all wish reviews and reputation would happen with little effort, sometimes it needs a little push. Below are a few ways to give your reputation a boost, while sticking to the guidelines.


Have a Process in Place

Having a process in place to remind customers about a dealership reviews is an excellent way to start bolstering your online rating. Take a look at the example process below and think of ways you can work this into your daily dealership activities.

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Alternative Ways to Generate Customer Loyalty in Dealerships


There are reward cards, loyalty points, survey email blasts, etc., but what other ways can you generate loyalty and keep your customers coming back for more at your car dealership? Opportunity Max is here to help you start thinking outside of the box and come up with creative ways to build customer loyal and relationships.

  1. Make Them Feel Special

Trying to make all customers happy is a pretty hefty task, (especially if you just informed them that the auto part they need is not in-stock, and you’ll need to keep their car for a few days), so think about ways you make them feel special and show them that you do care.

Taking responsibility for things that are in your control is a no-brainer. Showing sympathy and concern for things that aren’t in your control is almost expected now. But, actually making them feel special is key to gaining and obtaining a loyal customer.

Providing the following are just a few ways you can make your customer’s visit pleasant and bearable when going through the car buying process, or even while waiting for auto service or car maintenance:

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Move over General Motors, there’s a new “GM” in town

How will Google's driverless car impact the future of automotive sales?

And its name starts with “Google!”

The classic 60s cartoon show “The Jetsons” starts off with George Jetson (literally) dropping the kids off to school and wife, Jane, to the hyperspace-mall (minus his wallet). Then George soars off to work at Spacely Sprockets, Inc. high above the clouds in his flying car with its signature panoramic bubble roof.

While George did in fact “drive” his lime-green flying car using a joystick, it’s not too much of a stretch to think that he could just push the “auto-pilot” button and let his car safely zoom him to his destination (at a leisurely 2,500 miles per hour) while he relaxed and checked the morning sports scores on his iPhone 6000 (are you listening, Apple?).

And it would no doubt help him avoid a “close encounter of the bad kind” with an oddly familiar DeLorean broken down in the space lane up ahead.

Marty McFly: “What happened, Doc?”

Doc Brown: “Marty, either the flux capacitor is on the fritz or we need to throw a couple more beers into ‘Mr. Fusion.”’

Marty McFly: “Crap, Doc. Not again!”

Upon arrival at his office, Jetson would press another button and his flying car would neatly fold itself up into a briefcase.

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7 tips for creating blockbuster car sales videos

 Blockbuster sales videosIt’s no secret that the Internet is a visual medium. Thanks in part to the almost universal availability of high-speed connectivity; video content is becoming the dominant form of communication on the Web.

From tablets to smartphones to laptops, today’s online car buyers expect a content-rich shopping experience. Why look at a static image of a new car when you can take a video guided tour and really get a feel for the vehicle?

According to the website invodo, 188.2 million people in the US watched 54.2 billion online content videos in December, 2013. (That’s just in one month!) The website also noted that the average American spends more than 19 hours watching online videos.

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