How to Write Email Subject Lines that Actually Get Opened

Want to transform into the Master Splinter of the email-verse? It all starts with catchy subject lines, which are super-easy to write!

Just kidding—creating emails that get opened is far from simple. In fact, considering the relentless evolution of spam filters and tabbed Gmail inboxes, it’s a miracle anyone even sees your emails let alone opens them.

Email Subject Lines That Work

Hey, don’t be discouraged! The fight for inbox visibility is not a fruitless endeavor. We’ve compiled a short list of tips to help you out. Follow these email best practices to master the art of writing brilliant subject lines that harvest more clicks and, ultimately, those delicious leads. (And, yes, that was indeed a Ninja Turtles reference.)

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly Subject Lines

Did you know that the average person receives over 100 emails per day? That means your email is competing against hundreds of others for primetime pupil real estate. To make sure your emails make it to the front lines, understanding the differences between good subject lines and bad ones is priority #1.

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The Art of Marketing to Millennials Using Animated GIFs

Much like the way YouTube amassed and captured an audience in need, GIFs are doing the same with millennials like moi. They’re the gifts that keep gifing, allowing us to comment on situations or reply to questions with brevity — we all know that people don’t like reading anymore — and a bit of much-needed levity.

As a guy who grew up watching low-budget American sitcoms, pay-per-view wrestling events, and MTV music videos, the rising popularity of animated GIFs — pronounced with a hard “G,” and you’ll get a clobberin’ if you dare disagree — is a nostalgic breath of fresh air. While I confess to sometimes oftentimes going overboard with my GIF responses, nothing is as pleasant as finding and texting the perfect animated gem.

“Danny, wanna grab some lunch?”

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Are Gmail Promotions Tab Emails Spam?

Do you skim over those sales and marketing emails in the Gmail Promotions tab? Hey, I’m guilty of doing the same, so don’t feel judged. However, a dive into the inner workings of this tab has made me rethink my efforts to avoid its seemingly chaotic cluster of spam emails.

“Whoa! Spam? Don’t even get me started!”

Dont Get Me Started on Gmail Promo Tabs

What is the Promotions Tab, Anyway?

You’re right, Jeannie Darcy—the Gmail Promotions Tab isn’t merely spam, even if it looks like it at first glance. Rather, the promo tab stores a collection of emails that have been automatically filtered away from your primary inbox, allowing you to better focus on messages that may be timely or important.

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Google AdWords Customer Match Targeting

Email List Targeting for Google AdWords

Searching for a product or service on Google is about to get a bit more creepy – err, relevant. With an announcement earlier this year, Google is now letting advertisers upload lists of customer email addresses to use as a targeting method for Google AdWords. The lists can be used as a target or a target and bid option across the search network, YouTube, and Gmail ads; and eventually GDN audiences with similar characteristics.


The customer match capability comes to the cheers of digital marketers but is not at all groundbreaking. Facebook’s ‘Custom Audiences’ alongside Twitter’s ‘Tailored Audiences’ have beat Google to the punch. Nonetheless, the addition of Google now creates a proverbial three-headed marketing spear to find and advertise to the most relevant consumers.

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5 Simple Tips to Clean Up Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Feeling overwhelmed with an unorganized marketing strategy? Clean it up! Use the five tips below as inspiration to delve into every area of your digital marketing strategy and ask some tough questions: is this still working? Was it ever working?

Let’s get started, shall we? Read on to uncover five simple steps to clean up your digital marketing strategy!


1) Run a Content Audit

To keep your content in the power position, you’ll need to perform regular content audits on your website. The frequency in which a content audit is to be done greatly depends on how often you’re updating web content, blogs, and other feeds on your site. If you’re an avid poster, then quarterly content audits are probably best.

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6 Ridiculously Easy Email Marketing Hacks

Few things are more frustrating than trying to grow a robust email marketing list. From the fear of being marked as spam and the ever-declining click-through-rates, to the steady degrade (about 22.5% annually) of your email marketing database, attempting to execute a successful email marketing campaign is downright nerve wracking.

It’s All About That Distribution List

The only real way to enhance your email marketing efforts is to start with the basic building block of email marketing: build a high-quality distribution list. Easier said than done, right? I know, this is a tough piece of your overall marketing objective, and to make things even more exhausting, this is a task that must be continually monitored to ensure success. But, hey, who ever said mastering the email marketing angle was an easy feat?


Six Easy Email Marketing Hacks

Spoiler alert: none of the tips and tricks I’m going to share with you today are completely ground breaking or out-of-this-world exciting, but they are all simple aspects that are often left out of the average email marketing strategy. So, without further ado, let’s review six ridiculously easy ways to enhance your email marketing efforts.

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