Tales from the Dealers Crypt

Real Customer Service Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

Whether you’re an auto dealer or an Australian company that sells wallaby bedpans, handling and managing leads is all about good customer service. Want to close more sales? Want to engage customers better? Want to improve your appointment show rate? The answer, as you may have guessed, is to invest (or re-invest) in customer service.

Bad Customer Service Examples

“Wait. Doesn’t everyone know this?”

You’d be surprised at the number of terrible, horrible, no good, very bad customer service tales we’ve heard and even been forced to coach dealers on throughout the years. These are those horror storiesembellished for effectof bone-chillingly awful lead handling, which your dealership could very well relive if you don’t take our tips and examples of great customer service to heart.

But heed our warning: Strange and scary things are indeed afoot, so venture onward if you dare. (Boo!)

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Our Spookiest Halloween Memories and Costumes

The bogeyman is back in town for his favorite holiday: Halloween! October has arrived and is bringing scary costumes, free candy, and haunted houses that are so terrifying they’ll make you cry. Whether you decide to opt for the yzma costume or want to go as a character from The Simpsons, be sure to commit to it, as Halloween only comes once a year. To get you into the spooky holiday spirit, below is a list of the five most popular Halloween costumes for 2016. Also, some of the Opportunity Max team members will share their favorite Halloween memories. Continue reading if you dare!


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