Looking Back: Our Top 5 Trafficked Blogs in 2016

2016 is coming to a close for both us and our blog. We decided to take a look back at our top five blogs that received the most traffic this past year. That doesn’t mean that they were necessarily written this year, just that they’re still getting plenty of visitors. Without further ado:


Targeting Optimization – Is It Really Helping Your Campaign?

This blog from 2015 got the most traffic in 2016, which just goes to show that quality content can last for quite a while. Focusing on Google Targeting Optimization, this post looked into what exactly the AdWords feature entailed and how it could help, or hurt, your campaigns. Take a read for yourself; it’s still helpful, especially if you’re new to AdWords!

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The Best & Worst Christmas Gifts We’ve Ever Received

We all have fond memories of the holidays. The festive feasts and treats, the stocking stuffers and bow-topped bikes, the ugly socks and three-sizes-too-small sweaters—we don’t need photos to recall our favorites and least favorites. Considering the gift-giving season is just about to conclude, we at Opportunity Max thought we’d share some of the truly memorable presents we’ve given and received over the years. You know, as a digital gift to you.

Best and Worst XMas Gifts

Let the storytelling commence.

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3 Amazing Alternatives to the Traditional Christmas Celebration

Christmas tree

Christmas is a time of age-old traditions. According to WhyChristmas.com, good ole St. Nick has been sneaking down chimneys and leaving gifts in stockings since the 4th century, and many of our Christmas rituals (Mistletoe, Christmas Trees, etc.) can be traced back just as far. For well over 1500 years Christmas has always been about being home, surrounded by family, exchanging gifts and showing thanks for all of the amazing people and blessings in our lives.

It’s cool to think that we have continued these storied celebrations and traditions for so long, but at some point, it is natural to start wondering if there may be a different way to do things. Each year parents run around from store to store, spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on gifts for their loved ones and wondering if they will even like it or not.

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8 Holiday Marketing Ideas for Your Dealership

The holidays are a great time of year to spread joy and give thanks to all of your loyal customers, as well as reaching out and building relationships with potential new clients. Take this opportunity to celebrate this year by participating in the following holiday marketing ideas from Opportunity Max, the digital marketing experts!


  1. Touch Up Your Website

  • Add holiday cheer to your site by creating banners and unique artwork.
  1. Add Holiday Touches to Your Display Paid Search Advertising

That time of year is here – the peak of online shopping, so make sure your online marketing strategy is in place so you can maximize your opportunities to increase sales.

  • Add creative visuals to your pay-per-click display ads that match the theme on your website.
  • Promote holiday specials by advertising current purchase and lease deals.
  • Stay in front of your clients by utilizing display remarketing ads and adjust your paid search marketing budget accordingly.

If you are not currently running any paid search ads for the holidays, you might want to get started immediately. You’re missing out on some great opportunities to increase sales! Visit us online for more info about paid search marketing.

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Opportunity Max’s Favorite Thanksgiving Day Recipes You Will Love

With the crisp autumn weather, brightly colored leaves, and exciting weekend football games, November is a month stuffed full of activities. Although the turkey on the table might not be the happiest about being stuffed, at Opportunity Max, our favorite part about November is the time spent relaxing and enjoying great food and company on the Thanksgiving holiday.

With our friends and families gathered together and an amazing assortment of mouthwatering thanksgiving dishes, how could we not love this holiday? The food always sticks out as one of the best parts about Thanksgiving, and therefore, we wanted to share our personal favorite Thanksgiving Day recipes with you!

From delightful desserts to delicious dips, you might find a new recipe to serve and impress your guests this Thanksgiving.

Chris’s Bacon Lime Sweet Potato Salad

Chris is one of the many talented Marketing Analysts we have on the Opportunity Max team, and although this recipe from paleomg.com is a little bit labor intensive, Chris says it is totally worth the time! For a unique fall-oriented side dish, bring this Bacon Lime Sweet Potato Salad to your Thanksgiving Day celebration and your guests will be sure to love it.

Chris's Bacon Lime Sweet Potato Salad

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Favorite Opportunity Max Fourth of July Traditions

This Fourth of July, we decided to take a break from all things digital marketing to more enjoy the holiday. As America’s birthday, there isn’t a much bigger party than the Fourth, with everyone from coast to coast partaking in some great traditions. Whether you’re barbecuing with friends this year or watching fireworks on the beach with your family, you’re sure to be taking part in one of these fantastic Fourth of July traditions.



One of the best traditions, parades are great simply for the sense of community they foster. No matter where you live, there’s likely a parade nearby, because Americans love parades! Everyone, from small children to their grandparents, line up on the streets to watch the fun. Local school bands, floats, horses, dancers, military and more march down the street, handing out candy to children as the party marches on!

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