The Ultimate Guide to Acquire Backlinks in Uber-Unique Ways

Sometimes referred to as an inbound link, a backlink is simply any linked anchor text or image that directs users to another external website. Any strong off-page SEO or inbound marketing strategy is based on acquiring quality backlinks because they’re the pieces that make your site respectable. Generally, a site with a high level of authority will have a better PageRank score—these are typically popular sites like,, or—which means they’re like the Holy Grail of backlinks. So, too, are authoritative sites that are within your niche or a similar vertical.

But be wary of imitators lest you want to become like that dude from Indiana Jones who chose the wrong chalice.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

How can you avoid “choosing poorly”? You should be (or have hired) a highly functioning Interneteer—ooh, a new term!—who can see the forest from the trees and smell a con before it walks in the room. You might be on the right path toward the Fountain of Youth if you can spot the difference between the low-ranking site and the site; even if needs some webdev and website optimization work, it could still be a good source for an inbound link to your site, while the latter is likely a public backlink exchange site (aka. a big black-hat SEO no-no).

Being able to understand the differences between the two sites is but a small fraction of what it takes to be a backlink pro. Here are a few other creative ideas you can try out if you need a better balance of SERP and off-page/inbound traffic.

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Link Building: How Long Should It Take To See Your ROI?

Link building has long been considered an SEO tactic largely based on patience. Like that of a long con, link-building strategies require that short-term sacrifices be made for the greater good—that is, permanent ROI—which could take weeks if not months to bear fruit. Recently, however, debates have surfaced regarding the average length of time one should expect to wait before their efforts visibly affect rankings and traffic.

Link Building

Below you’ll find both positions as presented by some SEO and link-building experts in the industry.

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