2015 is now officially over. That sentence is hard to write. It has been an exciting year, full of good things – the return of Adele, selfie sticks – and terrible things – turns out there’s more than just one direction. While it’s tough to believe that another year is over, before we move on to the bigger and better things to come in 2016, we thought it would be a wise practice to look back at some of our top performing blogs in 2015. Covering a range of topics, these blogs provided helpful information for our followers at the time; whether that information is still relevant, now that’s up to you. For your viewing pleasure, here are some of our top blogs of 2015, in no particular order:

What is the Google+ Rel=Publisher Tag, and Why Is It Important?

Having trouble getting Google to recognize your page? Unsure of what a publisher tag does and why you even need one? In addition to introducing you to the nifty Google Tag Manager, our post from February really clarified all the confusion around the publisher tag and explained in simple terms why exactly you need one. In one simple sentence: The publisher tag allows Google to recognize your page and display page content and information within their search results. How neat is that!?


Automotive Social Media: Tips for Facebook

At Opportunity Max, Automotive Digital Marketing is our bread and butter. That’s why our blog post from January of 2014 about Facebook tips for car dealers using Social Media is still such a big hit. The big takeaway: Social Media is about the people, not about your business. You can use Facebook to interact with existing and potential customers, providing useful and relevant content that easily accessible. Don’t forget to interact with your customers and by all means, don’t ignore comments and message. For more tips with Social Media, check out some of our other Social Resources.

Google Analytics vs. Google Webmaster Tools: What’s the Difference?

Still unsure of the difference between Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools (now Search Console)? Well even though one of the names may have changed, our post from October of 2013 is still performing well because its answers a common and basic question. Individuals new to Digital Marketing are often overwhelmed with all of the tools they are introduced to, making it hard to remember what exactly you use each for. Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools are both crucial for a website to excel, take a peek to see what kind of data each will provide for you!

Don’t Get Caught Sleeping When It Comes To NAP

Your citations across the web are extremely important to your SEO. Having misaligned or incorrect information not only hurts your SEO, causing you to show up less on search engines, but it’s just simply bad business. Imagine if a customer were to call a wrong number or show up at the wrong location, there goes your sale! Our post from June of this year highlights the important of Name, Address, and Phone (NAP) in your online listings and also provides a few tips to get your NAP squared away across the board.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Buzzwords in 2015

This blog post on Digital Marketing buzzwords of 2015 seemed like a perfect place to end our highlights. It’s funny to look back at some of these and see which are still relevant where others proved to be a passing trend. Emojification for example. It was really hot in the first half of 2015, with huge companies like Expedia getting in on the fun. Google, however, put an end to that quickly, opting to stop showing emojis in search results. We wonder how many of these buzzwords will carry over into 2016…?


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