Google recently announced the arrival of Expanded Text Ads, drastically increasing the advertising real estate for text ads. With this change comes a lot of questions, which is why we’re here to give you the low-down on all you need to know about the new format. Take a quick look at all the info we have below, and this transition will be smooth as “butta” for your paid search accounts.

  1. What’s The Impact?

Expanded Text Ads are nearly 50% bigger than current Text Ads, and are meant to maximize performance on mobile devices with longer headlines and fuller descriptions. These ads will show across all devices, wrapping based on the size of the screen. While they’ve been testing them for a while, Google made Expanded Text Ads official at the end of July.

  1. What’s The Size Difference?

While current Text Ads sit pretty with a 25-character-count headline and two description lines both at 35 characters, Expanded Text Ads will switch it up with two headlines and an expanded description. Each headline will be 30 characters, with the description having room for 80 characters. That’s an extra 45 characters you can use to sell your business!


  1. Anything Else Changing?

Display URLs will now be automatically extracted from your final URL. This will enhance the accuracy of the Display URL, eliminating the possibility that the two URL paths don’t match up. You’ll be able to customize your Display URL with two 15-character-count paths.

  1. What Do The Ads Look Like?

The new ads look great and provide even more information – to be expected with the expanded character count!


Don’t Wait, Take Advantage of Expanded Text Ads Today!

Google is transitioning to Expanded Text Ads over the next couple of months. Starting October 26th, AdWords will no longer support the creation of traditional Text Ads, so you’ve luckily still got some time to make the transition. Even better, Google will continue to serve traditional Text Ads alongside the new format, in case you’re extra busy, but we’d suggest getting rolling and taking advantage of this update today – if you need help, don’t forget about the experts at OppMax!