I think we have the attention span of a gnat. You know, with cell phones and Twitter.

~Jeff Daniels

In this era of technology, capturing the attention of your customers can be difficult. Twitter is a great social media tool that gives you the opportunity to grab the quick attention of your audience with brief messages or updates. You may think that there can’t be much to a network that limits you to messages of 140 characters or less; however, you might be surprised at all there is to know about Twitter. This is the third in a series of Get In The Know articles from Opportunity Max — keep reading to learn more about important Twitter lingo.



No, this isn’t referring to the award-winning film. Your avatar is your profile picture, and it displays next to each of your tweets on your Twitter page.


This is the space where you describe your dealership and define yourself or brand in the Twitter world. You are limited to 160 characters.


All mentions, replies, retweets and favorites from your handle can be located and viewed within the connect tab.

Direct Message

If you’d like to have a private conversation with someone on Twitter, you’ll need to use direct messaging. This comes in handy if you receive unsavory feedback on Twitter and want to resolve the issue privately. Additionally, customers may use this as a way to reach out to your dealership without broadcasting their questions to your (or their) entire following.


If you’re looking for a specific keyword, hashtag or handle, the discover tab is the place to start your search.


This function equates to a ‘like’ on Facebook. The great thing about the favorite tool is that it has the functionality to allow you to revisit tweets you’ve favorited in the past.


When you log into Twitter, the first thing you see is the feed. New tweets and posts from those you are following are shown here.


If you want to subscribe to updates and tweets for a specific handle, you can follow them. Once you follow a handle, their updates are displayed in your feed.

Follow Count

A number which can be easily located on your Twitter profile, this tells you the number of people who follow you.


The people who follow you are, naturally, called followers. Followers of a handle will see any updates within their feed. You are able to follow a handle without them following you in return.


This is your Twitter identifier or username with an @ symbol before it. Your followers and customers can use your Twitter handle to direct messages to you in their tweets, like: Hello @MyFavoriteDealership!


Shown as a # sign (i.e. #BoughtMyNewCar or #CarShopping) followed by a phrase without spaces, hashtags help to tie various social media topics together to relate them to one another. Check out our article about Twitter hashtags to learn more!


Twitter allows you to arrange your followers into categorized groups. Lists can help you to find certain segments of your followers easily.


If a customer includes your car dealership handle in their tweet, this is called a mention. Similarly, you can also mention another business or person in any of your tweets. When you mention someone in a tweet, that person receives a notification of the mention. Customers may use this as a way to provide feedback after visiting your dealership.


Different than your username, this is what is used when users search for you on Twitter. The name you choose must be 20-characters or less.

Promoted Tweets

A Promoted Tweet is Twitter’s form of advertising. Your dealership can pay to have tweets elevated to the top of search results on Twitter.


Want to respond to a tweet? Click on the reply button next to the tweet in your timeline and type your message. Be sure to begin your reply with @, followed by the user’s handle.


If you want to share someone else’s tweet, you can retweet it for your followers to see.


The most popular hashtags at any given time are called trends. If you are logged in to Twitter, these display in the lower section of the lefthand column of a Twitter page. They can be tailored to you based on whom you follow and where you are located. Check your trends periodically for opportunities to join conversations relevant to your dealership.


Any update or message you share with your followers is called a tweet. Tweets are limited to a length of 140-characters.

Verified Account

Public figures and brands use this to authenticate their handles. This helps Twitter users to differentiate fake accounts from authentic ones.

Think you’re a Twitter guru now? Put that knowledge to work and consider adding Twitter to your social media and marketing strategy. Before jumping into the Twitter-sphere, ensure you can be committed to monitoring messages and tweeting on a regular basis.

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