Show Me the Queries! (not provided) Get Out of Here!

We’ve all been there, looking at the Organic Keywords report in Google Analytics. Trying to gather as much information about what keywords are really driving traffic to the site. After the realization that 80%-95% of the keyword data is (not provided), we throw the computer out the window and yell mercilessly at the Google gods, “Why, Why? Why, tease me with this useless data!?”

not provided keyword from google analytics

Well maybe that’s just me. Either way, there is a great report that many website are not fully utilizing. This report is the stab in the heart to (not provided) data, it is the “Search Engine Optimization” report. Only a few small steps are in the way of you and a screen full of good ‘ole fashion juicy search data.

To get started we need to integrate Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools. Learn how to get your site on Google Webmaster Tools, here. By connecting these tools, you can unlock the massive amounts of data and see it all in the comfort of your own Google Analytics account. Once connected you will start to see impressions for individual keywords, Google’s top 1,000 daily queries for your site to be exact.

These reports provide the following data about your site’s performance in Google search results:

  • Queries users typed to reach your site
  • Number of impressions of your website’s URLs in search results pages
  • The number of clicks on your website’s URLs from search results pages
  • The ratio of clicks to impressions (CTR) for your website’s URLs
  • The average position of your website’s URLs in search listings
  • The pages users landed on when clicking on search results listing your site

search engine optimization query report

Using this data can help find key points of strength or weakness within a SEO strategy. Let’s say you have a keyword that is ranking high, and getting lots of impressions but lacking on clicks. It might be worth checking out the landing page for that keyword and reviewing the meta title and descriptions. That page might not have relevant enough content or a strong enough value proposition that it needs to pull in the clicks.

The report could also be used to find new keywords that you didn’t know were relevant to your website or the content. Knowing the impressions and clicks of those keywords you could build out a content strategy that can be more effectively measured.

The Search Engine Optimization report for Google Analytics can be a great tool to bolster an existing SEO strategy or even build a new one. The data could also be used to start the keyword research phase for a SEM campaign. The possibilities are endless! There I go exaggerating again.

Nonetheless, your website needs a strong SEO strategy, it is the most valuable and most efficient way to garner web traffic that converts. The experts at Opportunity Max make a career of finding out what works for websites, and optimizing SEO and SEM campaigns to create the most value for our clients.

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Bill Jackson

Bill Jackson is a Senior Marketing Analyst for Opportunity Max. He specializes in all areas of digital marketing, providing clients with SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, and online reputation management services.