Google wants people to click your ad, they really do. That’s why they’re constantly making changes and additions to ads, because they’re doing their best to get searchers to engage. The latest updates include the addition of two new Ad Extensions: Price Extensions and Message Extensions. Let’s get acclimated with the new members of the growing Ad Extension family and see how they can help you (and Google) get people to click your ads.


Price Extensions – For Free!

There’s no point beating around the bush – people want to know what something costs, and you’d do better to give them that information up front than to send them on a wild-goose chase. You know that, and Google knows that, and now they’re here to help with Price Extensions. Like other extensions, Price Extensions are additional nuggets of information that accompany your ad, showcasing your products and services, along with associated prices. And like most extensions, there’s no added cost – you simply pay the same as the CPC for your ad.


As you can see, Price Extensions show as rows beneath your actual ad. The point is to highlight relevant information and give searchers what they need so that they can weigh their options – right from your ad! Used in combination with your ad and other extensions, this data can help drive qualified clicks to your website and increase conversions. They’re also pretty simple to setup; just go to the Ad Extensions tab within your account. For a more detailed walk-through, go straight to the horse’s mouth with Google’s Price Extension Setup.

Get Chatting with Message Extensions!

Phone calls are becoming more and more antiquated with each passing year, and that’s news to no one. So how are you supposed to connect with customers if they are less and less likely to pick up the phone? The answer: Google’s new Message Extensions. These handy guys make it super easy for prospective customers to message you directly from the Search Results page. What’s even easier is that clicking on a Message Extension opens a user’s messaging app with a pre-loaded message relevant to your product or service.


From there, a direct conversation is started between you and your prospective customer. Just like Price Extensions, Message Extensions give you more exposure at no extra cost. Simply follow this guide to set them up and you’ll be chatting with your customers in no time.

Don’t Do It Alone

Feel like all these new extensions have your brain stretched thin? Don’t worry, we’re happy to help. At Opportunity Max, we’re experts on every type of Ad Extension and can help get your ads up and running at breakneck speed. Take a look at what we have to offer and call today to get started on your path to Paid Search heaven!