If you’re a dealer, I hope this isn’t news to you, but car shopping now starts WAY before the actual visit to the dealer. While patrons used to visit dealerships five or more times before making a decision, the rise of the web and especially mobile have cut those visits down to two. With fewer chances to interact in person, you’ve got to make sure you’re reaching your potential customers online. Luckily, Google has recently published data that should help you to make the most of your online efforts. Check out our summary below and read the full Google piece for even more data deliciousness.

Foot Traffic Month

Dealership Foot Traffic by Month

First up in Google’s findings – Foot Traffic by Month. From this data, it’s apparent that dealerships tend to see the biggest rise in traffic during the summer months and leading up to the holidays. What does that mean to you? Well, it’s pretty likely that you have a monthly or yearly budget for Digital Marketing. Using this data, you could take a portion of your budget from slower months and reallocate it to months with higher foot traffic.

One thing we’d like to note: Google is aggregating data from hundreds of dealerships across the nation. This data may not accurately represent your individual dealership. That being said, you likely know what months are busier than others for your showroom, and can use that logic to properly allocate spend.

Foot Traffic by Hour

Dealership Foot Traffic by Time of Day

Next up, Google broke down the data by time of day. No surprise here that we see lulls in the early morning and later at night, but you might be surprised to learn that lunchtime sees the biggest rush of traffic overall. Maybe you should reconsider that “after work” targeting you have set up. With this data, you can use day-parting to make sure you’re reaching your customers at just the right time.

Once individuals are on your lot, there’s a good chance they will use their phones to compare you to the competition and make sure they’re getting a good price. With ultra-precise location targeting, you can make sure that on-the-lot customers see your best offers when comparing you to your competitors down the street.

Need some assistance putting this data to use? We can help with that. We’re Paid Search experts and know all about geo-targeting, day-parting, and how to make your ads show up when and where you want them to.