Unique & Creative Keyword Research Ideas You Should Try

Having trouble with keyword research? Sometimes the status quo needs to be reworked. If you’re strapped for terms, need some fresh ideas, or are branching into a brand-new niche or vertical, these inspired keyword research tactics might serve you well. In fact, we are certain they will.

Find New Terms on Wikipedia

As the most comprehensive online resource for information, Wikipedia (as if we needed to link it) is a great place to start with keyword ideas. Let’s start by searching on Wiki for the word “burrito,” because I’m quite hungry.

Wiki Burrito

As you can see, there are a few potentially useful pages that populate (and some that aren’t helpful). We’ll go ahead and mark terms like “burrito deluxe” and “burrito bar” as potential keywords.

Heading into the main “burrito” page, we’re given tons of information about what a burrito is, where it originated, how it’s spelled, etc. Here’s where your experience comes into play—you’ll want to identify the best on-page opportunities first, then transition to other pages that are internally linked.

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Expand Your PPC Account By Doing Keyword Research The Right Way

Are you looking for new opportunities to grow your search traffic? Expanding and refining your current keyword list can save you money and help you reach more people. Both new and mature accounts can benefit greatly from keyword research. Before we move on, keep in mind that the number of keywords on your list does not affect your account’s performance. When it comes to keywords, quality is more important than quantity, so be sure to avoid adding keywords for the sake of making your list look good.


Keyword Expansion Explained

Keyword expansion is exactly that, expanding your keyword list by including new keywords. This is an essential step in keeping your ads relevant. There are a lot of efficient tools you can use to find valuable keywords. Some of our favorite tools to use are SpyFu, WordStream and SEMrush. These tools allow you to see your competitors’ most profitable keywords and find missed opportunities. You can also use these tools to benchmark, optimize and maximize your keyword lists to improve rankings and gain more traffic to your website.

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