I may sound like a severely broken record here, but not a month goes by without Google changing the way the game’s played. This month’s offering? The inclusion of a new “Offer” category within Google Posts.

You may be asking yourself, “Why should I care about Google Posts?”

Just hear me out, would ya?

Once a virtually dead feature for car dealers, Google Posts has finally come full circle, evolving into a powerful tool that adds supplemental value to branded paid search campaigns. With the most recent updates in the Google My Business platform, dealerships far and wide can now utilize the revitalized Google Posts to highlight daily, weekly, or monthly vehicle lease offers and finance deals. What an exciting time to be alive!

Google Offers Dealership

The Lowdown on Google Offers for Dealers

Before the implementation of an official “Offers” category, Google limited users to publish “What’s New” and “Events” posts. As a dealer, you likely saw limited benefits from either of these types of posts. After all, your potential leads want easy access to concrete data when researching vehicles—prices, savings, percentages, interest rates—not just information about a monthly sales event. The new Offers category opens many additional doors for those leads to walk through.

Here’s how it works:

  • You create the offers.
  • You post the offers.
  • You make the moneys.

Sarcastic simplicity aside, utilizing Google Posts to advertise your dealership’s offers is simple yet advantageous on multiple levels.

  • Any offer you create is strategically placed within your Google Knowledge Panel (not the local “map pack,” mind you). As you may know, a knowledge panel sits smack dab at the top of the SERP, particularly for branded dealer searches. Therefore, any Google Offers you publish are put right in front of your user’s perky little face. There’s no need for users to click through a navigation bar—you can show them what they want to see with a spotlight you control.
  • Each of your offers may lead searchers to a specific landing page, which can also be tracked to monitor general efficacy, ROI, lead generation, conversions, and sales.
  • Offer details are limited to 300 words, which is more than enough for dealerships to advertise a special. (Our advice: Keep it short and sweet by including a price and the vehicle make, model and year.)
  • It’s an incredibly cost-effective way to get traffic and raise brand awareness. (Google Posts are free!)
  • There doesn’t seem to be a limit to how many offers can be published. You can scroll through the Google Posts carousel for ages upon ages.
  • A custom photo of the in-stock vehicle, or a graphic created by your creative team or dealership marketing agency, should be added to increase engagement and clickthrough rates. With custom graphics, some dealers have noticed 32% higher CTR on their Google Offers!
  • Include any terms and conditions related to your offers. This is displayed as your typical “small print” text below the ad itself.
  • Although you must manage your offers manually, Google allows you to set automatic start and end times. That way you aren’t showing customers specials that are no longer available.


Adopt A New Marketing Strategy Using Google Offers

You’ve got a comprehensive SEO and PPC strategy, but wouldn’t you like more? Now’s the time to jump on board with Google Posts. Publish your own offers for free or, if you’re like most dealership GMs and despise the tedium of creating, monitoring, tracking, and managing ads on an ongoing basis, ask us for a quote. We can manage your Google Offers daily, weekly, or monthly for a very nominal fee (with an added emphasis on “very”).

Contact our Opportunity Max Marketing Department for additional information or to chit-chat with our experts about just about anything—industry news, your dealership’s paid search visibility, the weather, whatever.



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