Uncover the Gaps in Your Dealership’s Lead Handling Process

When car shoppers hit your sales funnel, are they being transformed into customers or do they leave as unengaged leads?

It’s an important question to ask. To fully understand where your lead handling pitfalls begin and end, a thorough evaluation of your entire multi-channel customer engagement process is hugely beneficial.

Allow Opportunity Max to reveal the gaps that might be causing your sales to dip!

Appealing to Car Shoppers of the 21st Century

As technology has evolved, so too has the car shopping experience. Now, the bulk of car shopping is done digitally—approximately 75% of the time is spent researching prices and vehicles online—which means less unsolicited foot traffic to your dealership. Therefore, when a lead comes in through a digital search, it’s imperative that your sales team engages that potential customer within the first 72 hours.

But a simple phone call or unformatted email isn’t always enough. If you aren’t effectively utilizing the right lead response tools, tactics, and techniques, you might as well say goodbye to that hard-earned lead!

That’s where Customer Engagement Analysis comes into play.

With an in-depth Mystery Shop, your dedicated OppMax Analyst or CRM Coach will assess how well you’re using the four primary avenues of communication (text, email, chat, and voice) to reach out to potential customers.

We’ll focus on exposing lead handling holes and discovering sales opportunities that you may be missing out on, then create personalized, actionable game plans aimed at improving your strategies and capturing more prospects immediately, not months down the line.

Drive change at your dealership or company with a platform that helps you understand your data.

Your Customer Engagement Analyses can be accessed in the Momentum Performance Analytics platform. This advanced technology allows you to view data visualizations that help you identify how your dealership or company truly performs, and enables you to create strategies for success.

Can you afford to keep your leads at bay?

Contact Opportunity Max now to optimize your lead handling capabilities and start maximizing your dealership’s digital opportunities.

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