What is DealerPoint?


Access our ever-growing library of dealer training materials to ensure your staff is equipped to close the modern customer. Resources include sample talk tracks, sales call scripts, workflows, follow-up email templates, phone scripts for scheduling appointments, best practices, and general sales training tips.


Behind every successful dealership is a properly utilized CRM. Empower your staff with how-to videos, guides, and tutorials on common CRM functions and features. Major topics include creating custom campaigns, processing customer history, reading the lead, and many more.


New staff struggling to acquire their sales certifications? Our hub of educational resources provides your team complete, on-demand access to everything from F&I training and phone mastery courses to BDC agent and internet sales manager certifications.


The modern shopper waits for no one. Accurately gauge your effectiveness to reach shoppers with a Customer Engagement Analysis. This enhanced internet mystery shop assesses your lead handling capabilities from four perspectives – text, chat, email, and web chat.


Leverage your existing marketing efforts with additional social media and website assets. Developed monthly to support seasonal sales events and promotions, these digital assets may consist of shareable images, banner ads, cover photos, and graphics.

Enhance your sales efforts

Phone scripts, email templates, talk tracks, etc.

Boost your marketing

Social media assets, website assets, etc.


Video courses, CRM handbooks, etc.

Monitor your improvement

Mystery shop – email, call, text, web chat

Get certified

BDC and internet sales certifications

Why DealerPoint?

On-demand access to a digital hub consisting of hundreds of dealer training resources and certifications
Improved utilization of dealership tools, CRM software, and modern technology
Online courses emphasize the most important dealer sales techniques to employ
Lessons, webinars, and other training materials added monthly
24/7 guidance from industry experts


Maximizing ALL Opportunities
Quality Lead Response
Phone Skills- Inbound and Outbound
Goal Setting
Appointment Setting
Optimizing website content- Specials, Promotions and Pricing Strategy
Sales and F&I Training
CRM Proficiency

Only $399/mo

Only $399/mo