Digital Visibility Assessment

Can your customers find you online?

Learn more about your digital presence and get a clear picture of what your potential customers are seeing when they are shopping vehicles in your area. The Digital Visibility Assessment will help you understand the impact of your SEO and Paid Search efforts. You will also discover valuable insights on your competition.

  • Consolidated Organic & Paid SEO Search Engine Results Page analysis, identifying how you perform vs. your competitors in critical search terms
  • SEO Best Practices scorecard provided by SEO expert, analyzing your website and factors you could change to improve your organic SEO presence
  • Listing check to verify your Name, Address, and Phone number consistency throughout various directories across the web, helping you identify inconsistencies that could be affecting your search optimization
  • Action Plan helps identify the actions you need to take to optimize your search presence based on our findings
  • Budget Proposal gives you an idea of how much you should be spending in advertising with Google, accounting for how you perform currently, and to what extent you want to increase your visibility

Contact Opportunity Max now to optimize your lead handling capabilities and start maximizing your dealership’s digital opportunities.

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