Ready to Fix Your Fixed Ops?

Your service is top notch, so why not leave your customers with a lasting impression long after their service appointment is complete? With our Fixed Ops program, you’ll always be top of mind. Let the digital marketing experts at Opportunity Max add a custom touch to your fixed ops program.

With the help of our personalized email responses, this Fixed Ops product has been designed to effortlessly engage your fixed ops leads and existing customers. With our Fixed Ops Response System on your side, not only will you keep your customers coming back, but you’ll improve their experience with every visit.

5 Steps of Fixed Ops Response

1) Strategize

To get the best understanding of your needs, goals, and overall fixed ops program, we’ll meet with you to strategize. Together we’ll work to craft a custom communication strategy to accommodate your fixed ops goals.

2) Create

With your custom communication strategy in mind, our professional interactive design specialists develop a unique HTML template, outfitted with your company’s colors, logos, imagery, and branding.

3) Incentivize

We’ll work with you to create a series of service specials or coupons to incorporate into your email templates to further incentivize your customers to come into your store. To keep your customers intrigued and email campaign fresh, we’ll revamp your service specials every quarter.

4) Test & Review

Whether your Fixed Ops Department sends emails via a CRM system, Outlook, or another standard email application, we will adjust the email templates to your needs so you can be sure they will function effectively and be received by your customers regardless of the system they are being sent or received through.

5) Optimize

The effectiveness of your custom email templates are analyzed regularly via monthly mystery shops, as well as our built-in tracking system. Every month, we’ll review your results to determine the best strategies for optimizing future growth.

Customized Communication for Every Customer

Opportunity Max knows the value of a custom approach, which is why our Fixed Ops emails are always delivered with a personal touch. Our Fixed Ops Response program offers event-based email templates, for everything from service introductions to oil change reminders, as well a follow-up emails for unresponsive customers, and appointment templates to further enhance the online service scheduling experience. With these templates customized and ready to go, you’ll save your staff valuable time every single day. And finally, your quality service and parts departments will be receiving the customer engagement that they deserve.

Contact us now and start maximizing your digital opportunities with Opportunity Max!

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