Internet Sales Coach – Uncover Your CRM’s Untapped Potential

Cut through the clutter in your CRM to see how your business is really performing with our Internet Sales Coach program. Our custom reporting combined with an experienced CRM Advisor and regular mystery shops give you fast and actionable insight into status of your sales department. We provide the data and advice your company needs to improve your closing ratio. With Internet Sales Coach, you’ll get:

  • Monthly Executive consultation meeting reviewing goals and KPIs
  • 4 monthly video insight sessions featuring performance highlights and concerns from your store
  • Monthly Customer Engagement Analysis, an Internet Lead Mystery Shop focusing on email, voice, chat and text responses
  • 1 weekly random phone leads scored and reviewed
  • Red/Green alert notifications to identify areas of opportunity and recognize performance
  • Toolbox of scripts, tools, calculators, guides, and best practices for every occasion

With our Internet Sales Coach Connect solution, you can have all of the benefits of the standard program, as well as the following:

  • 4 monthly one-on-one or team coaching calls with CRM Advisor reviewing CRM reporting and best practices

“I loved the program – from beginning to end. It taught me a lot, especially coming in to the dealership. I learned a lot from both my coaches and loved the program. I think it was great – the coaching styles were great and the data they provided has been phenomenal. The visual way they present data helps keep me aware of what’s going on in the dealership. I think it’s a great program.”

Buffy T. Leonard
BDC Manager, Allan Vigil Ford Fayetteville

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