Internet Sales Workshop turns new hires into digital champions.

Internet Sales Workshop aims to teach fundamental elements of Internet sales, in an engaging format, to get your team up to speed quickly and start growing your dealership immediately.

Our customer-focused philosophy is woven throughout our workshop, which enables new hires to get a front-row glimpse of what to expect on today’s modern showroom floor. In our experience, this approach is crucial to develop a sales team that understands not just proper sales techniques but also the plight of the common consumer.

Essentially, with this intensive, interactive, virtual training session, you’ll have the assets necessary to launch your new hires to digital sales mastery.

What’s included when you sign up for Internet Sales Workshop?

Experienced Trainers

Opportunity Max Performance Managers are experienced BDC and Internet trainers who understand what it takes to thrive in the automotive business. Their knowledge is your knowledge.


Save valuable time and resources by utilizing strategies, scripts, talk tracks, best practices, and response guides within our comprehensive online  toolkit of solutions.

Role-Play Exercises

Confidence breeds success. Our live role-play training sessions will instill that confidence in your team, empowering and enabling them to hit the ground running, while also reinforcing the core concepts that ensure sales.

Virtual Flexibility

The benefit of online training is its supreme flexibility. Our training courses can be turned around quickly to coincide with your staffing needs and schedule, allowing you to reduce unnecessary expenditure and receive more bang for your buck.

Contact our Performance Managers to learn more about our standard training course menu and how a customized Internet Sales Workshop can benefit your store. Let’s maximize your business opportunities together.

Internet Sales Workshop