Paid Search Marketing

We keep you on the road to success with an online marketing strategy that addresses the specific needs of your business. Our paid search gurus continually optimize your campaigns for higher ROI.

Our PPC packages are customized to help you reach your digital marketing goals and are fully managed by a human, not a computer. Each paid search program features:

  • A custom paid search strategy based on your company specific needs and goals.
  • Search engine and website ad placement – stay in front of prospects with certified Google and Bing search and display advertising.
  • Zip code targeting based on sales performance – lower your cost- per-lead by targeting those who are likely to convert.
  • Compelling, relevant text ad creation – text ads that are designed to convert.
  • Effective re-targeting – keep shoppers coming back to your website instead of your competitors’.
  • Video ads – get more value from your digital assets by using your existing videos as online ads.
  • Twice-monthly campaign update and monthly reviews so you know your investment is working.

The newest additions to the OppMax family of Paid Search offerings are Dynamic Inventory Ads with Enhanced Budget Management. Optimized and personalized by our experts yet fully automated, ads created by this new Paid Search enhancement yield better quality scores, boost ROI, and maximize your ad spend to reach the right customers at the right time. Click here to learn more about how this new product can help your dealer earn more and better-qualified leads.

Contact us now and start maximizing your digital opportunities with Opportunity Max!

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