Microsoft Advertising Partner Badge

Our status as a Microsoft Advertising Partner puts us at the forefront of the Paid Search space—and that means big things for our customers, too.

Much like the steps taken to acquire our Google Premier Partnership, becoming a Microsoft Advertising Partner requires extensive training and subsequent accreditation, an in-depth understanding of the Bing platform, and a fruitful history of driving results for existing clients. We can proudly say that our marketing analysts passed the test with flying colors!

Why Bing?

The Bing Network’s growth is virtually unprecedented in the “Google Era.”

Over 68 million desktop search results exist exclusively on Microsoft’s search engine, which procures more than 1 in 4 online results through Windows 10 (Cortana), Microsoft Office, and the Bing website itself—and that doesn’t include mobile and voice searches. What’s more, a large portion of Bing shoppers have a household income of over $100,000, translating to a higher average online spend when compared to Google shoppers (by 6%).

What Does Microsoft Advertising Partnership Mean for You?

As a distinguished and recognized Microsoft Advertising Partner, Opportunity Max is now in the unique position of providing unheard-of expertise across both Google and Bing Paid Search platforms. This proficiency allows us to take full advantage of Bing’s growing Search Network on behalf of our clients, resulting in the creation and accomplishment of loftier sales goals. Additional benefits of utilizing us as your preferred Microsoft Advertising Partner include:

  • Direct lines of communication with Bing representatives for advanced and speedy technical support.
  • Access to the latest Microsoft and Bing technology, products, and Paid Search solutions.
  • A robust and fluid ad campaign platform that allows us to target and analyze precise data via Bing and Yahoo Search.
  • Exclusive industry insights via Bing agents.
  • Efficient use of Bing Ad spend, resulting in increased ROI.
  • Complete transparency.

Contact Opportunity Max today and allow our accredited Microsoft Advertising Partners to show you the ropes. We’ll lead you down prosperous digital avenues you never knew existed.