Dynamic Inventory Ads with Enhanced Budget Management

Uniquely customizable and automated, Opportunity Max’s new Paid Search enhancement utilizes revolutionary Machine Learning algorithms to produce highly efficient ad campaigns based on your current inventory. That’s right—our dealers’ vehicle inventories feed right into our software in real time to generate enhanced, targeted ads that yield incredible results and produce an uptick in your ROI. Best yet, our dealers’ Dynamic Inventory Campaigns are managed, monitored, and optimized by a dedicated Marketing Analyst to ensure everything is running smoothly. Your success is our success.

Simply put, Dynamic Inventory Ads and our Enhanced Budget Management tools are the wave of the future.

  • Increased ROI: A maximized ad budget means a better return on your investment thanks to increased customer acquisitions. After just a few months of testing Enhanced Budget Management, our analysts have seen remarkable improvements in key metrics such as cost-per-click (17%), conversions (19%), and total budget utilization (4%).
  • Better Use of Budget: Our new Enhanced Budget Management system utilizes Machine Learning and over 30 algorithms to ensure your daily spend is maximized, which ultimately encourages further ad growth and improves quality scores.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Automatically pause and restart ads when certain inventory or pricing conditions are met.
  • More Qualified Leads: Create dynamic ad groupings based on specific vehicle traits (i.e. price, make, model, etc.) to trigger more “intent-to-buy” clicks straight to the VDP landing page. What’s more, these ad groups can be scaled on a micro or macro level depending on your needs.
  • Learning on the Fly: The new Enhanced Budget Management system is self-learning, meaning it reacts to notable changes, adjusts strategies, and puts you in abetter position to make a sale.
  • 100% Personalized: Your Marketing Analyst will personalize your Dynamic Inventory Ads to automatically make bid and budget modifications based on accrued data such as seasonality, keywords, user location, ad rank positioning, and optimal times of the day.

In addition to Dynamic Inventory Ads with Enhanced Budget Management, our Paid Search offerings are in the process of expanding to include a variety of other results-driven enhancements. Keep in touch to see what’s comingout of the pipeline.

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